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Hongrun Precision Instruments Co.,Ltd.

Hongrun was founded in 1995 in the scenic Wuyi Mountains, with a technology park covering an area of nearly 80,000 square meters. After 25 years of innovation-driven development, the once self-made company has now come to the top rank in China’s instrumentation industry.

With strong research capability, Hongrun has developed its own core technologies. We have more than 300 employees in 5 offices, 1 academician workstation and 2 R&D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing and Shunchang (in Fujian Province). As a national high-tech enterprise with an advantage in intellectual property rights, the company owns over 500 national patents and over 100 software copyrights and has gained national support in six tech projects such as “National Key New Products” and “National Torch Plan Project”. Moreover, Hongrun boasts six leading core technologies: intellectual manufacturing, AI, Internet of Things technology, industrial big data, energy management and key projects.

  • Founded in 1995
  • Over 300 employees
  • Over 500 national patents
  • Over 100 software copyright
  • Involving in the formulation of 45 national standards

Our excellent employees have brought about effective production capability. Guided by the “craftsman spirit”, the company’s culture philosophy vigorously promotes the principle of “overcoming challenges” and underlines the four ideas of management, quality, service and technology. Following such philosophy, our employees all pursue dedication, perfection and top-quality.

Our brand strategy has created six series of world-class instrument products. We have dedicated every effort to the research and development of digital display instruments/regulators, paperless recorders, isolators and safety barriers, electricity meters and electricity transducers, tachometers/timers, and process calibrators, which all enjoy good honor by virtue of strict quality management and continuously improved service system. After unremitting endeavors, the “Hongrun” trademark has been recognized as “China Famous Brand” by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

Fruitful results have been seen in market expansion as our products are widely used in various fields. We have provided lots of service in sectors like aerospace, military production, nuclear power, high-speed railway, mining, metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical, food, drug, machinery, electronics, equipment manufacturing, agriculture and environmental protection. In domestic market, our products are used in military-industrial projects such as Shenzhou manned spacecraft, Chang’e lunar exploration program, Jiuquan Satellite Launch System, the constant temperature control system of air-to-air missiles, the Lingqiao communication satellite system, atomic energy reactor, aerospace experiments, underwater torpedo, research experimental platform of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and COMAC C919 aircraft. In the international market, our customers include a dozen of Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, ABB, ThyssenKrupp, Siemens, and Hitachi. Our leading-edge technology of display control instrument and annual capacity of 500,000 high-performance intellectual meters have contributed a lot in China’s production equipment localization, thus breaking the international monopoly of technology and price and safeguarding the information security in key national sectors.

Hongrun has committed to the integration of standardization, informationization and industrialization for sustainable development. In terms of the standardization of R&D and enterprise management, Hongrun has led or participated in the formulation of 53 national standards, established a quality management system strictly complied with ISO9001, and obtained CESI management system certification for the integration of informationization and industrialization, EU CE certification, International SIL certification, and national exploration-proof certification. This means that our production process and enterprise management have been recognized by standards both at home and abroad. As to informationization, we have developed the MES, or the Manufacturing Executive System, which is based on our own production characteristics. The system comprises nine sub-systems relating to business order tracking, manufacturing data management, production planning and scheduling, inventory management, quality management, performance management and others. Such an efficient and stable system can help improve enterprise management with more convenience and efficiency with less waste. To achieve equipment automation, we have introduced automatic programmer, automatic solder paste printer, automatic high-speed surface mounter, reflow welders, crest welders, optical inspectors, laser markers, vacuum packagers, and digital remote monitoring system, and developed the intelligent electronic information Kanban system, production operation guidance system, carving machine fixture manufacturing system, automatic meter calibration system, barcode scanning system, small automatic spot welding robot and other production equipment. These equipment has greatly increased output and production quality while reducing labor intensity.

Going forward, Hongrun will continue to center on the goal of “going global with world-class instrument”, seize new opportunities brought by “China Intelligent Manufacturing 2025” and the initiative to deepen the integration of informationization and industrialization, and promote the craftsman spirit of seeking dedication, conscientiousness and perfection. With this in mind, we will focus more on the practical business of instrument manufacturing and strive to build the company into a China’s “century-old brand”, bringing more benefits to society and mankind.

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